Worker’s Compensation

Almost a century ago, North Carolina set up a workers’ compensation system to aid employees hurt on the job. If you are hurt on the job, you may be entitled to compensation damages, including but not limited to lost wages and medical bills. The insurance companies and your employer have virtually limitless resources and will use these resources to find ways to deny you the compensation to which you are entitled to under the law.

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Workers Compensation Case

Workers compensation cases are different than a traditional court case. For example, unlike with auto accidents, you are not entitled to pain and suffering for your work-related injuries. If you case goes to trial, the case is heard before the North Carolina Industrial Commission, the governmental agency in charge of North Carolina workers compensation claims, as opposed to being heard by a jury in a civil trial courtroom. The role of judge and jury resides in the Deputy Commissioner who hears the issues and determines what benefits the employee is entitled to under the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act. The Deputy Commissioner does not resolve cases on a final basis by issuing a lump sum verdict as in auto accident cases. These rulings usually take months to receive, and this process can be a frustrating one for claimants to go through.

Workers Compensation Experience

At the Law Office of Victor N. Yamouti, we have extensive experience before the North Carolina Industrial Commission. Whether you had an on-the-job accident, contracted an occupational disease or simply were hurt while on the job, allow the Law Office of Victor N. Yamouti to level the playing field. Let us put the system to work for you instead of for the insurance companies. The Law Office of Victor N. Yamouti can help you determine what benefits you are owed and will make sure that you are adequately protected legally. Even if the insurance companies appear to be treating you fairly, we urge you to contact our office before signing anything that could potentially limit your ability to receive future benefits.

Every case is unique. When you call the Law Office of Victor N. Yamouti, I will be happy to speak directly to you in person or over the phone. If your case has been denied outright, which means that the insurance company is refusing to provide you with any compensation for your injuries, time is of the essence since North Carolina has deadlines as to when you must file a claim with the North Carolina Industrial Commission. Therefore, it is important that you contact the Law Office of Victor N. Yamouti quickly to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.


Workers Compensation Settlements

Additionally, if you have already received an offer to settle your case from an insurance company, we would be happy to review the offer free of charge and offer our opinion as to whether the offer represents fair compensation for your injuries. If we believe the offer to be fair, we will tell you so without charging you a fee. If we believe that you are entitled to additional damages which are not incorporated into the insurance company’s settlement offer, we will outline what should be done and how we can help you in your case.

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As you can see, the insurance companies have created an unbalanced game that you are likely playing for the first time. During this difficult time in your life, please allow the Law Office of Victor N. Yamouti to level the playing field and get you what you deserve.

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